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Iran Barite Group

The following companies in Iran's Barit Group are:


Name Establishment Date Activity Field

Iran Barit Falat Co.


Production of Mineral Powders

North Barit Co.


Providing all drilling materials and fluids and contracting for oil and gas wells

Ardakan Barit Mining Co.


Extraction of barite from mines

Anarak Special Cement Development Co.


Production of special cements

Anarak Powder Production Co.


Production of Mineral Powders

Barit and Bentonite Ferdows Co.


Extraction of bentonite from mines


The main and most important activities of the companies mentioned above are exploration, production and sale of minerals and the supply of fluids and solids for oil and gas drilling operations.

Main activities

- Exploration and mining

- Preparation and production of minerals including: barite, bentonite, hematite, etc.

- Preparation and production of special cements such as cement and microsilica

- Preparation and production of paper envelopes for cement and other chemical and mineral products

- Commercial operations in the field of mineral and chemical

- Supply and supply of chemical and mineral additives and other materials for drilling wells of oil and gas

The cooperation and participation of other companies with the help of experts and employees of the company in the field of mining and mining activities is the main factor in the success of Iran's barite group.

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