1. Registration date and registration number: Participation in the registration date of 1994-6-14 under No. 90866 in Tehran with a capital of - 50.000.000 Rials has been registered.

2. Name and type of company: Barite Plateh Company of Iran (special joint stock company).

3. Subject of the company's activity: exploration, equipping, mining, processing of minerals, production of mineral powders, especially mineral powders used in the oil and gas industry, and the melting and casting industries and ... selling and exporting minerals and products Processed as well as investment and participation in other activities of the company.

4. Company Duration: Unlimited.

5. Legal Center of the Company: Iran Tehran North Sohrevardi Street, Shahid Mirzaei Zeinali (Eastern Kayhan) No. 52.

6. Current Capital of the Company: Amount Rials divided by 100.000.000 Rial Share 1000 Rials are named and all paid.

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