Share Percent

Nedaye Rahavi Company (Private Joint-stock Company) %47.4
Pars Bahman Faramarz Mining Development Company (Private Joint-stock Company)
Ajin Mining company (special joint stock company) %10
Real people (mainly from company personnel) %8

Ajin Mining Company

The Ajin company was established on 1994-6-14 with a capital of one billion rials. However, since the establishment of Ajin company was not much time, but due to the long experience of employees and in the light of their day-to-day efforts and due to the exploitation of mineral resources, the company has succeeded in creating a good place in the mineral society of the country. Waste removal from the Meydok and Sonong copper mines, extraction and granulation of stone materials for the project of Shahid Kalantari, the exploitation of limestone mines in Kurdistan and Hegmatan Cement factories is part of the current and past activities. The team's close and logical relationship with other mining companies and the long experience of the employees of the group companies in mines is one of the main factors behind the group's success.

Nedaye Rahavi Company

Nedaye Rahavi Company was registered on 1997-7-16 under No. 125614 at the Registration Office of Companies in Tehran with the capital of 3,000,000,000 Rials.

Exploration, extraction and exploitation of mines, crushing and milling, concentrating, refining and melting, and making any physical and chemical changes on minerals, preparing minerals, establishing workshops and related factories, purchasing and importing machinery, appliances and equipment Materials required for the above matters and other materials and goods of the factories, construction and construction operations, providing consulting services in the fields referred to, conducting research and experiments on mines and minerals, participating with all real persons and Legal, both domestic and foreign, and to represent and carry out any affairs Disclaimer goals and activities.

Pars Bahman Faramarz Mining Development Company

Pars Bahman Faramarz Mining Development Company was established in 1993-1-21 with the participation of mines and mining companies and a large number of indigenous people in the Nairobi area, and now has more than 1500 legal and legal shareholders.

Chinese stone production at the China Mining Complex and participation in other mining activities and investment in mining companies.


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